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About Us

  Chengdu shuangliu airport ticket office, the registered capital of 15 million, set ticket, air cargo and tourism in an integrated business entity was in Chengdu airport required for consignment and sale of air tickets of the only authorized companies.

as commerce, and international airlines Association approved recognized of professional van sales company, engaged in guest freight sales 25 years to, Chengdu tickets, and Chengdu discount tickets, and Chengdu International tickets, and Chengdu specials tickets, and Chengdu tickets query, and Chengdu tickets query network, and Chengdu tickets reservation, and Chengdu to Beijing tickets, and Chengdu to Guangzhou tickets, and Chengdu to Shenzhen tickets, and Chengdu to Shanghai tickets, and Chengdu to Hangzhou tickets Yu 2005 full through China quality certification center ISO9001:2000 certification.

we are constantly innovating and improving the airport scene consignment service, "ticket at the airport", "book", "online payments", "cities" and other services to meet changing customer needs.

company has won Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines awarded "best agents", "the best partner", "excellent agent" and other honorary titles in 2006 and Singapore only designated sales agent of the airline in Ningbo city.