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Security Guide

  travel safety is the lifeblood of tourism, for the protection of tourists "live at ease, eat at ease, playing pleasant" ctrip from common sense, tourism activities, and special populations in three areas to provide you with travel safety guide. Before the trip, reminding you to carefully read the relevant content, the importance of travel safety, make your holiday truly "happy tours, unforgettable tours, nature tours".

travel safety knowledge

should know prior to their travel to climate, meteorological conditions and the security situation on the ground, making risk assessments. Traveling preference for planes, trains, automobiles and other State-owned vehicle, never hitchhiked and poor condition of transport. Wary of surrounding circumstances. More travel safety knowledge, please view the following link.

tourism activity risk

visitors ctrip travel products included in the itinerary or recommend the project at his own expense, including, but not limited to, Highland tours, skiing, ice skating, snow scooters, sliding and sliding, etc, should choose their own projects to be able to control risk and be responsible for their safety.

special population safety

who doesn't love of picturesque landscapes, nature's fresh? Tourism is not only a monopoly of the young, and special populations, such as elderly people, children, pregnant women favorite activity. Compared to ordinary tourists, special groups should pay more attention to road safety.