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Bayberry transport

  recently Bayberry listed, will has passenger carry fresh Bayberry Shang aircraft, General only allows each bit passenger up carry two box Bayberry Shang aircraft, while to with plastic bags packaging good, juice cannot outside leak; do luggage checked Shi can meter in 20 kg free luggage amount within, beyond by over heavy luggage charges standard paid, over heavy luggage rates to each kg by economic class full price of 1.5% calculation. Packing should be packed to ensure juices do not flow out.

If you would like to give friends and family air of MYRICA Rubra in the field, ahead with cargo counter to confirm destination of flight information, detailed consultation.

guests the best self wraps the Red Bayberry, beware of extrusion, leakage! Suggest using hard plastic boxes, foam boxes, if packaged ice, can only be placed in a closed bottle (such as water bottles, coke bottle), to ensure that ice water, red Bayberry juice leaks do not occur.