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Confusion finding success in the age formula

  qualification of how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary accomplishment? Answer in a simple formula:

life achievement = ability x effort x attitude

your abilities--including health, abilities, there are nature-these are innate genetic. However, the level of effort depends on whether you have a strong desire. I have to rate abilities and efforts, the minimum is zero, the maximum is 100 points. If we are completely immersed in work, these two factors can be multiplied.

therefore, ordinary people, if they can clear his shortcomings, and tries to make up for its qualification than hard, but not particularly good.

the third factor is the attitude to life and work. This achievement – one of the most important points of the three factors because attitudes score possible from minus 100 to plus 100. If a person always jealousy, anger, or resentment, that attitude is negative, in the end, this way of life is negative. By contrast, one more positive, more determined, its greater success in life.

can see from the formula of life, success in life is determined by our own control. We are adhering to the philosophy of life will determine the success of individual or career.