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Is an easy job, corporate management is also very simple (go live)

  is an easy job, corporate management is also very easy!

maybe, members may question the sentence. Especially the businessman will think this is a joke. However, it is true.

our company include order-"operator team" and was responsible for ordering and delivering goods to the customer the "packing group".

common enterprise, usually separate the ordering and delivery service. But we're not.

in our business, "you are responsible for ordering, if you want to become the world's most trusted, sales could rise to higher subscription service, you need to do, the issue you want to discuss. ”

in that case, they will maintain a good attitude, but also clearly to introduce products to our customers.

Meanwhile, this will be their "as unshakable as the iron discipline".

than I asked for them, and them doing what they decide will be happier, they will work more seriously.

for example, when selling clothes, is in charge of sales staff said that "selling clothes", or is that "you go to stock items that are sold." Believe that salespeople would be very different.

This is taken for granted. Nobody likes to stock inventory. And sales view of the customer.

we cannot forget that have now entered the "era of soul."

people like to buy things, but they don't like to be forced to buy. Everyone loves action in accordance with his will, don't like having to abide by the provisions of the boss.

so, rule by the people who work themselves, then let them do it. They can trust.

up to the employee to work, they will not want to let businesses fail, because we all don't want to decide things like this disappear.

Stern urged subordinates, is unable to give them power.

maybe someone will think that leaders are not working. In fact, they have more important things to do, and only they can do the job.

that praise, praise, praise.

our enterprise has a "Guinness", this is a Guinness record of employee performance.

now, have appeared in the Olympic Sprint players ran into the 10 second barrier. Because of the Olympic Games, a record that was born. Who create this record, can be cheered around the world. Without the records, I believe nobody will seriously run the 100 meters.

therefore, in our business, and a man who sold 100 items, when he sold the 101th commodities When he beat his own record, and because of this he should be congratulated by everyone. If 1 is sold out of them, when he sold the 1th of merchandise, also broke his own record, also deserve applause, and congratulated the Branch Manager will send to fax all over the country.

However, why do Japanese have become nagging, words are redundant to and.

from 0 to 1, it is a difficult thing. It would be like for someone who has broken its own record says "he had sold 100, you should take this as the goal," and so on.

speakers may be trying to encourage each other, but if that would be counterproductive.

suffice it to say: "congratulations, you are great! "This way, the staff was surprised and also very happy, then sold 11 items people will target the 12.

in fact, praise Center, ranked bottom of the employees, rather than praise can sell 100 products of excellent employees can improve the performance of the business. This is not a supernormal ability or spell, because if we think we can understand.

excellent 1 staff person will sell 100 products, when he sold to 110 when the sense of corporate profits, only 10 items. However, despite these excellent staff, in the enterprise, are most popular. They can sell 1 item per person, you can create multiple profit.

when the performance decline, never angry, even angry, nor to motivate others.

after getting angry themselves grow pessimistic, so they cannot maintain a good attitude in the face of customer time.

leadership is not to supervise but to make it work towards the highest goal.

so when you reach the highest goals, just say it "to break the record was too good", just don't say anything, "next time you want to use this as a target" and "just do it, all things are possible" and so on.

after being praised, it will feel happy, we should cherish this mood. When employees achieve their highest record, staff knows how to keep the mood happy, even without supervision, they know your goals. Managers believe it can be.