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Macau travel guide

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demure in Macau and Portuguese style. In world heritage Macau history city, junior BA arch, and Cannon Taiwan, and Matsu, and more between Western Church, and square and colored Portuguese type building let people back Macau old history, walk course, imitation if exposure Europe small; has "East cast to card Luo" of said of Macau, various entertainment project wonderful colorful, to Venice people resort, in simulation of sky clouds Xia, stepped had meaning type arch bridge, took with gondola in waterways in the leisurely Shuttle, listening to boatman hum charming songs, like really of came to has Italy Venice, Feel the new experience.

1, the ruins:

ruins is the most representative places in Macau in 1580, the anterior wall of the completion of St Paul's Cathedral, this church combines Renaissance and Oriental architectural style, and reflects the art of blending. Fine carving, majestic.

2, Monte

Monte, also known as Saint Paul's fortress, the Central fortress or ruins of fortress. Monte is located in the ruins of the side, is one of the main monuments of Macao. Monte was built in 1616 ad during the reign of Wanli Emperor, the Church-owned, built to protect the clerics of St Paul's Church, to guard against pirates, to military facilities after area. Large open area on the Fort, green grass; the towering old trees, thrive; huge steel Cannon, located nearby. Battery and buy a number of monuments and historic buildings, such as forts on the Tower, is one of the Jesuit meeting place that year. South European-style cottage built in open space Center building, is now the weather station's Office.

3, Matsu

a-Ma Temple is one of Macau's most famous scenic spots, first year of the first built in Ming Hongzhi (1488), has a history of more than 500 years from now. Formerly known as Matsu Pavilion, commonly known as Tin Hau Temple, located in the South-East of Macau, pillow Hill sea, built close to the cliffs, surrounded by ancient trees, beautiful scenery. Main hall, hongren Temple, Kwun Yam Pavilion Hall. Are worshipped in the Temple of Taoist female immortal on Matsu, also known as Tin Hau, imperial concubine Empress, asserts that it can predict good and often helps merchants and fishermen saved at sea, disaster and problem-solving skills, and Fujian people negotiate with locals at the site of temples enshrined. On July 15, 2005, in South Africa in Durban at the 29th session of the World Heritage Committee meeting, including the a-Ma Temple in front of the historic centre of Macau, was listed on the World Heritage list.