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Management mistakes

  It is said that there is a famous old Chinese left behind a mysterious folk remedies, can cure a number of diseases. Doctors scramble to search for, and finally to public, but just four words: "the feet warm in cool". Here, for the convenience of the reader, based on my understanding of Administration will also open a menu list without you scramble to find:

1. China will never lack male Tao Wei's strategist, lacks is the performer of excellence; never lacks various management systems lack is nothing short of provisions implementing regulations.

2. the essence of strategy is positioning, positioning, the difficulty is what not to do.

3. If you are small then you have first to define your market is small enough, then in this small pond, you're the big fish. The competitiveness of an enterprise, rather than see its sales, but its share of market segments.

4. the main characteristics of industrialization is the Division of labor and cooperation, Division of labour so that each individual's simplistic, ordinary people have the potential to become an expert.

5. the only starting point was customer satisfaction, excellent enterprises are also grew up in the customer bristle.

6. Management, including "possession" and "reason", "pipe" is to supervise and control, "Li" is the guidance and services. Our management has long been to "regulate" light "reason".

7. Management rely on rules, relying on rule the degree of standardization. On the main processes, rules of procedures, rules on people mainly post, System.

8. the untested rules are flawed and untrained job is risky.

9. degree relies on rules under the guidance of an organization called normalization.

10. Management stressed that "four": a strict rule, serious implementation, rigorous training and strict culture.

11. when we leave the "special circumstances", we left a large number of special opportunities for the speculative hack when we use "in principle", we have decided to give up their principles.

12. when our rules to cover all the things we're going to do, we can do it.

13. marketing is not selling anything, but for customers to solve problems.

14. the purpose of marketing is to make selling unnecessary, established companies in the future are no or very few sales.

15. should meet the common needs of customers, but not to individual customer's individual needs.

16. don't be too superstitious to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty is the most important.

17. plan your work and work your plan. If you plan to catch up with changes, it's your plan does not take into account changes or there is no ability to forecast the changes.

18. standard is the minimum you should accept.

19. Human willpower is up to the responsibility.

20. Church of "impossible" said "no".

21. don't blame the employee disloyalty, sincere asked why he left the company.

22. leaders should take responsibility for errors committed by subordinates of the obligation, not to give vent to personal power.

23. capacity cannot exceed the General Manager of a team's individual abilities are terrible and sad.

24. the General Manager is an expert in management experts. Catch events, let go of things, allowing mistakes to prevent bad things.

25. the Manager must make the choice, do less questions, not to do essay questions.

26. to seek consensus, found few people discuss a person make a decision.

27. the supervisor can leapfrog survey, but you can not skip command lower complaints can leapfrog, but you can not skip reporting.

28. managers need to address the types of problems to existing error correction is not difficult but not critical, more difficult and the key is to find the cause of the error and make timely solutions.

29. the criticism is that the staff is not aware of the error.

30. daily asked again: is that you solved the problem, or will you become part of the problem?