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Management of common sense understanding

  first, the management is to let staff understand what is most important

Hang each layer management is the Manager determines the next managers to clear the matter.

Second, management is not about right or wrong, just face the facts, problem solving

third, management is the "Steward" instead of "people"

Finally, the sole criterion for measuring the level of management is whether combining individual goals with organizational objectives

Finally, management is for employees to get and use resources

responsible for performance management

first, management accountable for performance

regardless of your management and management behavior, as long as it is capable of producing performance, we think is an effective form of management and management; if it is not capable of producing performance, the management or management is ineffective, we can be sure that the latter is a waste management resources.

Second, management is a distribution

management is very simple, it just needs to be a good distribution, is the distribution of power, responsibilities and benefits

third, management has always been for the business services

efficiency of the management of the three

efficiency of the management of the first: to maximize labor productivity means Division of betting through-

in the book the principles of scientific management Taylor, clearly illustrates the four principles of access to maximize productivity

divide work element    staff selection, training and development of     and employees often communicate     the scope of work and responsibilities of managers and employees should have equal

the second efficiency management: means of maximizing the efficiency of the organization is a combination of specialization and hierarchy

efficiency of the management of the third: to maximize personal productivity tools are personal to create organizational environment, to meet the demand, potential

labor efficiency, organizational efficiency and personal productivity is a process of progressive, meaning that labor efficiency gain, seek efficiency, then their personal efficiency in order to achieve the best results.

How to manage effectively

effective Manager features:

time management, effective management is time management, they can determine the important things, setting priorities, determine the important thing will be the right time to arrange, determines everything has a time set, can be reasonable solution.

systems thinking, to each person, how to play a role in the Organization, how to find the right location, depending on how they think, if fails to recognize the relationship between individuals and organizations not to recognize the relationship between global and local, no matter how talented the man, could not also play a role.

human, human training is the most fundamental duty of a Manager, if each Member can make growing up management performance will be played, if each Member can qualify for responsibility, organizational efficiency will improve, and training managers are people of character.

Drucker: "managers contribute value. "" Manager's own work performance depends on a lot of people, and he must be accountable for these people's job performance. "" Management's main job is to help colleagues strengths and avoid their weaknesses. "

enterprise content management

generally speaking, enterprise content management, including planning, process management, organization, strategy and culture. The five items is an incremental relationship.