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"Process" the core competence of decision

  the last ten years, when it comes to management, there's nothing like the word process more into our ears, hanging on our lips. Process has become one of the most popular language of our time. However, when we ask ourselves: what is the process, and further ask: what exactly is a process and the core competitiveness of enterprises, in fact, is not easy to answer.

practice of process

there is a case, not long ago the Purchasing Department of a factory finds procurement violations of internal and external collusion. Buyers from purchasing 2 years just to young university students. When the buyer starts when the deliberate destruction of the procurement process, the financial control of the factory did not play a role in the process, ERP system does not play warning, alarm and switch roles, business monitoring processes in the legal sector is still blank, useless enterprises to moral education process, what are the results, without running into any firewall in the middle of the employee, and quickly broke through the law line. What does that mean? means the business processes of the business does not form a complete system. Study business, found that most local operations and implementation process, but the lack of process evaluation process, lack of control over the process flow, almost no process to manage processes. An incomplete process is a fragile, easily damaged, not working processes. Actually, on this event, you also can to deeper at thinking: If we of process is a can control and full of system, the also is young of employees in rushed to first road firewall of when, he on will by education, on will alert, on know what is procurement Department of moral guidelines and moral bottom line, on know break procurement bottom line of cost will has more big. Upside down, he might be qualified the process image, even good procurement engineer.

dialectically look, is this: anyone in Government or business is done through the organization. This is a business process. Business processes are designed, created by people; in turn business processes in shaping the person. Why? we prepared market for sales collaboration with competitive analysis, business process is doing. You of report was first times playing back Shi, you know you must to to sales front line, to terminal of retail stores, to agents, to big customer, to virtual of online mall there to do specific of industry analysis; Dang you of report second times was playing back Shi, you found you also should in-depth do you of competition opponents of analysis: competition opponents of a a paragraph products why can sold 100,000 Taiwan, and you of similar products is only sold 5,000 Taiwan; Dang you of report was third times playing back Shi, You was told you also lack informative of customer subdivision analysis: why only 5,000 a user, and not 100,000 a user buy you of products; Dang you of report was fourth times playing back Shi, you himself are has realize to, you front of all analysis are is has necessary, but no soul, because you no answered, you why to do this analysis, customer what wants to what, you of positioning is what. When you end up with blood when I wrote this report be accepted, you practice a complete business process, in this difficult process of practice, your ability to get a boost. Government or the improvement of enterprises ' core competence, is not an empty philosophical concept, but Government or enterprises of a specific operational capacity to be upgraded in the sum.

This is a real case. This is a work about 6 years of graduate employees. He is valuable because, he did not stay in the only category of individual skill improvement, but further study of the entire sales and marketing processes, and through a variety of channels, reflected upward to optimize the process. In this scenario, the employee feels, his ability to get a higher level of sublimation. In fact, a great company is to pursue this kind of State, is through the business processes a large number of such qualities and abilities of employees.

processes have a soul

these cases tell us that process have a soul, soul of the process is the process of goal is the pursuit of the process. And strategy of developed as, in process design and process construction Shang, we also to constantly to asked, we why to developed this process, developed this process what to solution what problem: it is for expanded market share, also is for reduced process cost, also is for save process time? or is for achieved more high standards of customer satisfaction? some government institutions, some enterprise, similar for information and information as, has been exists with for design process and design process. Why do many processes on the shelf, many enterprises such as ISO9000 procedures, the root cause is that there is no catch, or forget the soul.

process values. A good process, because it is very simple, it embodies a concept of efficiency. When it is praised by most people, addressing general public eager to solve the problem, it reflected a Justice of the United States. When it's the same for anyone, and asked everyone to obey when it reflects a fair sentiment. When it stopped when risks may arise, it reflects a kind of open and transparent concept. In the optimization of business process reengineering or process, especially when the leaders in the design process, be sure to think about processes what are the values of, or process designed, could be counterproductive.

process is structured. Process structure is at the top of process strategies, and higher-order decision-making processes is a strategic decision, and further down is the management process, bottom is the position the operation process, and further down is the process of IT, is the process is nested within the information system through information system implementation of process standardization, mandatory and enforceable. Principle of process structure is higher-order decided to lower-order, low-order communication and feedback effect on the higher-order decision-making. Benefits of process structure is, know your position of a specific process, its relationship to other processes, this ensures that the flow direction and the overall.

process is about end-to-end. Process is the most fundamental requirement from customer to customer. The customers mainly for your customer, represented as give you orders, benefit businesses and individuals. But it can also be understood as your internal customer, your upstream and downstream processes. Emphasised the emphasized process of end-to-end service level, stressed that the process can provide value-added services. A process cannot increment value for your customers, then this process necessary?

processes should be management, basic principles of process management are, for example, the Government or the core business processes of the enterprise (core marketing, research and development, procurement, manufacturing, formulation of industrial policy, etc), they model their process system should be used as Government or business's core asset maintenance and management of end-to-end closed loop. For example, process design principles focus on value chains, namely for sequential, logical value, cross-function design and implement, cannot allow organizations, performance indicators, human capacity, post, input and output of the breakpoint. For example, the owner of each process must find the process (Process Owner), the owner or the responsible person of the process, especially for those who process across organization departments.

processes can actually test our mental attitude, can test our vision. The functions of a traditional mentality, a man depending on the sector of interest, no passion, no responsible person, in fact, it is difficult to understand the end-to-end, it is difficult to understand the process of soul and process values.

processes should also be implanted elements of historical thinking. Historical thinking is a kind of thinking of time and space. In fact, in any enterprise, process-building is a long-term, never-ending, constantly optimize the process, particularly those focusing on enterprise infrastructure capacity-building process, even more so. The historical thinking, possible consequences on epistemology is that process is difficult to build the short term plays role in the daily operation of enterprises, and process issues are happening every day, because the event driven, often do not have access to timely and fundamental problem. As history has a history of 3,000 years ago, also has a history of just ended yesterday; 10 years long-term planning in the future, there is also a short-term forecast for the quarter, building process is a mixed system. Basis if the capacity-building process is the three Gorges Dam, needs to be built more than 10 years, but water cannot be separated by Yangtze River shipping cannot be stopped, what should we do, the construction of temporary cofferdam, built a temporary ship lock. That is, the process must aim at solving problems, not mature can mature, but it must be matured in solving problems. And it is also a milestone in the process, some work processes cannot be ignored.

process is the business

to sum up, what processes are? in fact, readers will have the answer: the process is a business, but it is the business of a new perspective, a new dimension, a new understanding of promotion. Process value of, not longitudinal upper and lower of from led to led, but from customer to customer; process value of not strategy shelved, but strategy of landing, from strategy to process to information, again returns to strategy; process value of is a system, a system, a strategy, and tube control, and governance, and performance, and organization, and post, and people, and products and service, several core elements organic fusion of, and inner unified of system. Process focused on promotion of governmental and entrepreneurial capacity, especially the promotion of core competence. Process of designing, creating, optimizing and the formation of the innovation process is the ability to cultivate and process.

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